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Old Dogs

Portrait of golden retriever resting in long grass

By: Linda Crowley Matthew 20:1-16A There are two things remarkable about old dogs: first, they can be an incredible nuisance as you trip over them, yell at them to get their attention now that they are near blind and deaf, and mop up after their mistakes. Secondly, we love them more than ever. The way [...]

God’s Gifts

Magnificent Hummingbird Feeding

By: Tonja Taylor Serene splendor of early dawn Silver speckles on new-born fawn Forest fresh from gentle shower Thunderstorm’s colossal power Grandeur of majestic mountain Gurgling rush of spring from fountain Sparkling depths of silken sea-blue Bees and flora in rendezvous Sweet smell of red earthen clover Hummingbird’s amazing hover Fragrance of resplendent petals Priceless [...]

The Story of Suicide, Depression, Self Image and God’s Healing Power

Through a very raw and personal voice, Jana Letterman paints a picture of the devastating affects depression has weaved through her family tree. The purpose of the book is to draw upon practical and proven methods to achieve a life without depression, learn to use the tools God has given to live with depression, and [...]

Fruit In Its Season

Forest of autumn leaves and stream

By: Terry Barlow The godly are like a tree planted by the river (an optimum location) that “bears its fruit in its season,” Psalm 1 tells us. A tree can’t plant itself, but human trees or trees of righteousness (Isaiah 61 v.3) can help to plant themselves by rivers of living waters when they plant [...]

Speak Up

ideal woman's profile with open mouth

By: Rev. Jeff Hagan Matthew 7:28-29, “And when Jesus finished these sayings, the crowds were astonished at his teaching, for he was teaching them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes” (ESV). Introduction: Jesus spoke as one who had unique authority which shocked and amazed the crowds. They were drawn by his [...]