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Rainbows and Tennis

Rainbow on sky

By: Betsy Tacchella The weather was threatening rain that evening but my daughter, Kim, and I were determined to play some tennis. We headed to her local high school courts as heavy black clouds loomed overhead. When it began to sprinkle, our spirits were not daunted. We prayed it would clear quickly so we could […]

Hope’s Engine

USA, New York state, New York city, high angle view on tugboat

By: Ronwyn Hughes I was reminded this evening by our pastor that hope is an active force. It is something that we often don’t use enough in our lives to create the forward momentum we need to drive our lives in the right direction. There are times in life when we are battered by life’s […]

Lift Up Holy Hands

A drawing of hands pointed toward the sky

By: Evelyn Parker Oh Lift up holy hands Praise him for all he is worth Praise him for he is king Being the sweetener to this bitter earth Lift up holy hands He is worthy of all praise Thank him for the joy he brings For turning sorrow into better days Lift up holy hands […]

God Invented Families for His Glory!

Young family playing outside on front porch.

By: Tonja Taylor The family is God’s idea! Even before governments were set up in the earth, God established the family, first through Adam and Eve—one man and one woman, as a complete covering for the children—in the Garden of Eden. God’s ideas are always best and there are many wonderful reasons families are an […]

Jesus Is Our Anchor!

Anchor on Map

By: Shaila Touchton Jesus counts the tears of hurt ones His ears are finely tuned to our tears Like a mother who wakes at the sound of her child, He hears the cries of the oppressed People can hear our cries and do nothing, When Jesus hears, He acts with compassion Jesus wants us to […]